Privacy Policy

The web-store administration informs all clients that after registration your personal data will be saved in our database. The clients’ personal data are preserved solely for internal use as the basis to perform the order and for promotion and advertising purposes. We don’t disclose and don’t share the clients’ personal data to outsiders excluding only the goods delivery services.

Every client has the right to access his personal data, to make changes or remove data, or he can request to stop handling his personal data. We insistently recommend that you don’t remove your personal data until you receive all your orders.

By registering on the website of our web-store you agree that we are storing your personal information. The access of outsiders to this information is possible only by using your login and password. Our shop is not responsible if outsiders obtained access to your personal information due to the loss, theft or transfer your login and password to other people. Therefore you should store your password in the reliable place.

You agree that the shop administration is not responsible if outsiders, for example hackers, by some means have obtained the access to your computer after visiting our website and stole your personal information from your computer or from the web-store server.

The shop administration reserves the right to remove your personal data from our database in any moment without asking your permission.